About Reneau Farms

The Reneau Family

Thank you for choosing Reneau Farms in New Braunfels, Texas. Our family would like to open our farm to you for your enjoyment. We are a specific venue that can host the perfect scenic wedding, event lodging, corporate leisure party, or the destination getaway. We are excited to have you and hope you enjoy our farm as much as we do!

A Homestead History

The farm has been owned by the Reneau family for over 100 years. When Kyle and Tracie Reneau purchased the farm from their family in 2010, they immediately set to work restoring the original homestead that was built in 1856.

Upon completion of the homestead restoration, a fire destroyed the home and all possessions. Regardless of the complete loss, the land was held very dear to Kyle and Tracie. The sunrises and sunsets are beautiful, showing the landscape of the gorgeous Texas farmland. There is always a calming breeze on the front porch in the evening. The decision was made to pay homage to what once existed and where we many good memories were created. And so…“The Barn” was built. What little remained after the fire was decided to put in the new barn. Some of the smaller items that were salvaged, a tree trunk and some burnt home items, now have a permanent home in the barn.

The white house across from the barn is affectionately called “Granny’s” house, originally built in 1924 as a wedding present for the bride. Granny raised her children (the Reneau grandparents) on the farm and remained there until her last days. Fond memories of Granny and the family are recollected from stories, memories of her cooking, holidays spent at the farm and parties for the children.

After years of the family being on the farm, it was realized that what was enjoyed every day needed to be shared, as the community surrounding the farm and the Greater New Braunfels area grows larger every day. Delight in the rustic nostalgia of simpler times that makes the family farm unique and your home away from home more than a place to stay, but a place to remember.

Reneau Farms is a fully operational family farm to this day. You may see the Reneau family or grounds caretakers during your stay.